Classroom Expectations - Rhythm and Brews

Classroom Expectations

Here at Rhythm and Brews we want everyone to feel welcome! With that in mind, these are a few guidelines we would like our students to follow in order to maximize everyone’s enjoyment:

  1. When the instructor is giving class instruction or leading curriculum-based discussion, please keep your noise level low enough for everyone to hear what is being said.

    1. While we encourage side conversations during down time, please be cognizant of the noise level of your conversations.

    2. If you are practicing a song (especailly one that is not part of the lesson), please do so quietly as to not hinder any small-group instruction.

  2. Questions regarding theory and advanced techniques are awesome, but it is easy to get bogged down in discussion and leave the rest of the class behind or uninterested. Therefore, if our instructors think a particular question will lead off on a long tangent, we encourage you to bring it up after class!

  3. Keep it light - we want everyone to have a good time so leave that animosity at the door and come to have fun.