FAQ - Rhythm and Brews

What is Rhythm and Brews?

We are a group guitar lesson company that meets in local bars and coffee shops.

How often do you have class?

We meet once a week at each location. Check out our schedule page to see which day and location fits your schedule!

Do you have any deals?

While we don’t run any special sales, we do have a “Give $10 Get $10” policy. Every one of our students has a unique referral code linked to their profile that they can share with friends. Each person who signs up using your unique code gets $10 off the subscription price AND you will get $10 off your subscription for as long as they’re signed up! (Get a handful of friends to come play with you and not only is it more fun, but you could be going for free!)

How long are classes?

Each lesson is 1 hour but we do three lessons in a row each night. We encourage our students to attend all three lessons each night and our instructors strive to provide a takeaway regardless of ability.

Do you provide food or drinks?

We do not, but we hold classes in venues that do and we highly encourage everyone to support them.
(We do not endorse overconsumption of alcohol or other impairing substances and are not responsible for behavior or actions of individuals who go against this policy.)

What comes with the subscription?

Unlimited attendance to class! Since we do not charge per hour we encourage our students to stick around for the whole night. If you can’t get enough with just the classes near you, we can upgrade your subscription to our World Pass which lets you attend every class we offer!

What if I don’t have a guitar?

No worries we have plenty you can rent from us for $20/month if you need! Just add it to your subscription at checkout!