Levels - Rhythm and Brews

At Rhythm and Brews, we offer 12 levels of classes ranging from complete beginner to expert. If you aren't sure where you'd fit in, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you out!!


Any one of these classes is a great spot to start! We will have you playing a song in no time! Each level is self-contained so if you miss a month, no worries!

Level 1: Power Chords

Get familiar with “power chords”. We will play songs sliding up and down the fretboard all using one static shape

Level 2: G chords

Get familiar with the “G” family of chords. We will play songs only utilizing one set of related shapes

Level 3: C Chords

Get familiar with the “C” family of chords. We will play songs only utilizing one set of related shapes


Get familiar with the fretboard and each hand's responsibility

Level 4: Finger exercises/Scales/Riffs/Strumming

Focusing on one hand at a time, we will increase dexterity and familiarity with your instrument! “Pinky Anchors” engage!

Level 5: CAGED

Move basic familiar shapes up and down the neck for new voicings! Learn how to use a Capo!

Level 6: Barre Chords

Get ready to feel the burn! The greater the risk, the greater the reward with the ultimate in useful chords

Level 99: Intro to Inversions

Create a deeper understanding of the components of a chord (the chord tones) and how to build simple chord shapes with just 3 notes.  Inversions are a fundemental building block for understanding how to accompany all the other parts of an ensamble and fill a more interesting role in the wave of sound the audience will hear.  


We do a light music theory introduction with every level to warm up and solidify concepts discussed in class

Level 7: Intervals

We identify the distances between any two notes and see how they relate to building chords...then disregard it as we just play songs

Level 8: Blues

We learn the formula for playing classic 12-Bar Blues and what makes each one unique. It’s also time to recall those scales and start putting them to use soloing!

Level 9: Tabs

Want to know why other musicians look down on guitarists because they can’t read music? This is why. We don’t need no education!


Learn some rules, and how to break them!

Level 10: Finger Picking

Get to know the basic patterns, positions, and principles of picking. Ultimate goal: Blackbird

Level 11: Alternate Tuning

Why stick with Standard tuning all your life? There are a lot of fun ways to make unique sounds and we show you a few

Level 12: Song Writing/Decoding

Time to take the knowledge from the “Headliner” series and put it to use as we discuss how songs are written and decode the patterns used by famous songs!